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Hollywood Smiles is not for everyone. If you have major gum or dental issues you need to first consult with your dentist or medical physician.

Whitening Goals.

HOLLYWOODSMILES® provides home teeth whitening kits and professional treatments that are designed for all budgets and lifestyles. Whiten at home or visit one of our authorized locations for our professional treatments. Teeth are the fastest aging part of the human body and whitening will take years off your age. Whatever you decide...the results will make you smile

Teeth Whitening Process

HOLLYWOODSMILES® teeth whitening treatments are convenient, simple, and are completed at the customer’s leisure. Customers are able to whiten all areas of concern, particularly the spaces and margins of the teeth without absorbing unnecessary chemicals or experience discomfort or hassle. A small amount of gel is applied inside the trays and both upper and lower trays are placed on the teeth. The carbamide peroxide begins to immediately oxidize and penetrate the pores of the teeth. The oxidation process will last up to four hours at which point the gel becomes inactive. HOLLYWOODSMILES® recommends 2-4 hour treatments every other day until the desired shade is reached. Many customers prefer to wear the trays overnight to maximize the teeth whitening gel. If using 30% gels limit wear time to 15-30 minutes maximum. Longer wear will only irritate and dehydrate the gums.


HOLLYWOODSMILES® Teeth Whitening Systems are the most effective methods to lighten all three layers of the teeth...the dentin, enamel, and pulp. The process will remove surface stains and internally break up the pigments that cause a dull or yellow smile including removing stains caused by antibiotics or trauma. Most customers experience at least a 7-9-shade improvement from their starting shade, with a majority gaining even better results. Customers see results with their first treatment after which, dramatic improvements occur every odd application.


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