Professional Starlite Whitening System

Relax under the most comfortable and advanced system available in and outside the dental office. The Starlite Accelerated Whitening System uses advanced LED blue light technology, which safely removes years of stains caused by lifestyle or aging. In one 45 minute session, whiten your smile 4-10 shades lighter with little or no sensitivity. Your results are INSTANT and your smile will look AMAZING.

Professional Tray System

Designed as a stand-alone whitening system or to maximize and maintain results after a Starlite session or an upgrade to your Home Care Kit system. In 10 minutes an impression of your smile is taken to be used to create your custom fit trays. The trays fit exactly to your teeth, just like from the dentist, and are paired without HOLLYWOODSMILES® ph balanced carbamide perioxide gel. Several professional strengths are available. You will be able to reach your BRIGHTEST smile…and maintain it for a LIFETIME.